TV’s Need For Speed AdExchanger

With the multitude of signals and indicators unleashed by our search and browsing behavior, you would think we would be inundated with highly relevant ads across our media experiences – especially TV.

TV and triggers are the perfect marketing marriage. When a consumer shows an intent signal, that data cycles through a data provider to a media-buying mechanism.

TV is different now – it’s a cross-screen experience with loads of identifiers and automated systems powering buys. Marketers must consider which tactics they can use to activate intent signals quickly

While the „marriage“ of TV + digital is fascinating and bears tremendous opportunity, it is not in our interest as an industry (digital / media) to embrace the notion of „pushing products into windows of consumer buying-readiness“ too tightly – be it one hour or four weeks.

For brands to be taken into closer consideration, when a purchase decision is due, they need to have been established as desirable earlier on, with the right frequency in the right target group, i.e. through „classical“ branding – which can (I’d say: should) of course happen digitally / programmatically, and with video.

Only in combination of branding and performance, can those „triggers“ representing the right moment / context the „ready to buy“-consumer is in, unfold their true potential – certainly more and more in a digital world, that includes programmatic TV and other digital channels.